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Bob Bostley

Bob Bostley

Robert “Bob” Bostley grew up in Syracuse New York. He learned the cost of addiction at an early age. Bob had to go through many trials and tribulations before he was able to find a safe, caring, supportive and healthy environment for him to get and sober in. Before he found a comfortable place that lead him to his current success, he went through many different “sober livings”. As a resident at multiple different houses in his earlier times of trying to get clean, his experiences were nothing short of horrid.

Residents were using drugs and alcohol, the owners would cram 35 plus residents into an overpopulated 4 bedroom house in a terrible neighborhood. Not only was it a destructive environment, but the housing was extremely dirty and dilapidated. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that many sober livings are just like the ones described above and market false promises solely for profits.

Bob Bostley

Giving Back to the Community

After Bob was clean for a couple of years, he decided he wanted and needed to give back to community and do something very different from his own previous experiences at sober livings. This was to create an environment for men to get clean and sober in a safe, reliable, clean, comfortable, and cozy home-like place through a recovery house for drug recovery.  Valuing community, trust, quality, cleanliness, accountability, honesty, friendship, courage, strength and hope, Bob founded South Philadelphia Structured Living, providing support for those trying to prevent relapse and programs such as a 12 step program for alcohol addiction.

The continuing support of this sober community and the invaluable connections made are the cornerstones of recovery. The 12 step principles are incorporated in his life and are the guiding principles at South Philly Structured Living as one of the best ways to prevent relapse, helping others grow from despair and demoralization to hope and purpose has become his passion and mission.

Today, his life has changed drastically from a life of suffering and hopelessness to a life of purpose, meaning, peace and contentment. He is extremely driven to helping other addicts and alcoholics experience the same exact thing at South Philadelphia Structured Living.

Sober living provides a structured and supportive environment that promotes long-term recovery and sobriety. Typically located in group homes, sober living requires residents to abstain from drugs and alcohol, attend support meetings, and participate in household chores and activities. Professional staff members or peer leaders may provide support and guidance to ensure that residents stay on track with their recovery goals. The goal of sober living is to help individuals transition from the intensity of addiction treatment to the challenges of daily life, while providing a supportive and sober community.