Adderall is a prescription medication and is considered a schedule II controlled substance. It is very commonly prescribed and used to treat ADHD in most cases.

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Adderall contains amphetamines. While it has helpful medical uses, the user can easily become addicted. Because of its effects on the brain, especially for those with ADHD, some become addicted due to the fact that it helps them function better through all aspects of life. Those who suffer from low self-esteem or motivation may also find themselves abusing Adderall, as it greatly increases self-confidence.

College students are among the most likely to suffer from an Adderall addiction, due to the fact that Adderall helps the user focus on their task at hand with little burnout. College work can become overwhelming for young adults who only recently left school, so it is common to hear stories about how college students will take Adderall and truck through their homework overnight.

Adderall withdrawal can be dangerous. When someone who uses Adderall regularly stops using it, their brain begins to depend on Adderall to provide it with the chemicals it needs. They begin to feel anxious, unmotivated and their urge to take another Adderall to reverse those feelings increases.

Treatment for Adderall

It is recommended one that abuses Adderall does not stop cold turkey, but rather slowly decrease their use over time. This will soften the withdrawal symptoms while helping the brain adjust to the real world and not depend on Adderall to provide its chemicals as much.

There are two phases to Adderall recovery: withdrawal and crash. During the Adderall crash, like many substances, you will experiences feelings the complete opposite of the ones that Adderall grants. This includes anxiety, fatigue, depression and even intense dreams and sleep disturbances. The crash typically happens when Adderall leaves your system.

Adderall withdrawal is similar to the crash, but it lasts days longer and its symptoms intensify. Intense mood swings, cravings, physical pain and even paranoia can come as a result.

It’s recommended to begin Adderall treatment with supervised detox, especially if one has a long history of use. Adderall withdrawal has been known to cause strokes and cardiovascular issues, and the intense withdrawal effects may cause someone to act out dangerously. During Adderall detox, the patient will be kept in a relaxing and peaceful environment and be set up with a healthy diet. This is to reduce the more intense symptoms of withdrawal as much as possible.

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