Although alcohol is legal, its addictive potential rivals that of illegal substances, primarily because it shares comparable effects with such drugs. Surprisingly, despite its widespread acceptance in society, those grappling with alcohol addiction are often hesitant to seek treatment due to the stigma associated with it. The cultural norms surrounding alcohol, extensive advertising, and its perceived ordinariness contribute to this reluctance in seeking help.

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Alcohol is classified as a depressant and significantly impacts neurotransmitters, inducing a numbing effect on emotions, often leading individuals to resort to it as a means of coping with their sorrows. With prolonged use, the brain develops a reliance on alcohol, hindering its proper functioning without it.

Alcohol withdrawal comes in various degrees of severity. While some individuals undergoing withdrawal may encounter headaches, nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and depression, others may face more severe symptoms such as seizures and hallucinations. In its most extreme form, Alcohol Withdrawal Delirium (AWD) emerges, typically affecting those with a history of heavy alcohol consumption and frequent usage. The abrupt cessation or drastic reduction of alcohol intake can trigger AWD, accompanied by a range of severe symptoms, including mood swings, hallucinations, impaired muscle and body movement, and disturbances in distinguishing reality from illusion.

Treatment for Alcohol

In extreme cases, abruptly stopping the consumption of alcohol can be life-threatening. Seeking professional help during alcohol detox is strongly advised, as experts can assess your behaviors and determine the most suitable course of action.

For cases where withdrawal symptoms are particularly severe post-alcohol detox, prescription medication might be necessary to address the mental and physical effects. In certain situations, alcohol withdrawal can lead to alcoholic liver disease, necessitating additional detoxification and treatment.

The level of monitoring required during detoxification depends on the severity of alcohol withdrawal. Should you be contemplating quitting alcohol or have any queries, please do not hesitate to call or contact us.

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