Dilaudid is a brand-name opioid used to treat intense pain. In most cases, long-term use is only recommended to those suffering from pain due to cancer.

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Dilaudid is a dangerously addictive opiate due to the fact that it is used for severe pain. This means its effects are much stronger than the typical opiate, causing it to hook people on more easily. Its tolerance also stacks very early on, resulting in the need for higher doses to feel its effects. Some people have become addicted to Dilaudid after their first use.

Due to its strength, side effects of Dilaudid are similar to those of other opiates, but on way more intense levels. Some examples include seizures, mood swings, disorientation, fainting, weak breathing, and a pounding heart. The tolerance level of Dilaudid also puts many at users at risk of overdosing.

Treatment for Dilaudid

Addiction treatment for Dilaudid can be dangerous and must be approached in a wise and careful manner. Stopping cold turkey can be fatal, especially when not under medical supervision. With high-end opioids, relapse can lead to death. If relapse occurs, the user is likely to take a dose size which they are no longer tolerant to, resulting in an overdose.

Specialists recommend that users of Dilaudid lower their doses gradually instead of quitting cold turkey to prevent the chance of a fatal relapse. The withdraw symptoms are also very severe, and will be greatly reduced through this method. Users can also use prescription medications to soften the withdraw symptoms.

It is especially recommended that those who have additional respiratory problems seek inpatient addiction treatment. The side effects of Dilaudid withdraw can be fatal to those with breathing issues.

The length of Dilaudid recovery heavily depends on the individual and their history with the substance, as well as other disorders they may have. Withdraw symptoms for Dilaudid can vary heavily depending on the person, so it may be best to see a professional, get evaluated, and have them help you decide a treatment plan that works best.

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