Heroin is one of the most addictive and dangerous substances out there. It is not difficult to get a hold of and is relatively cheaper in cost compared to other illegal substances.

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Heroin is a drug that is injected, and as a result, the effects of heroin are felt right away. In addition to that, heroin tolerance also goes up at an exponential rate, increasing the need for more heroin. Heroin is known to ruin communities, causing people to steal from their friends and loved ones in order to purchase more heroin.

Heroin is an opioid and works off the same receptors as prescription opioids. Because of this, a lot of people coming off opioids turn to heroin. When used, heroin causes intense feeling of pleasure and euphoria. These effects do not last long and will shortly turn into uncomfortable physical effects, such as grogginess, itching, mood swings and constipation.

Another detrimental, long-term effect heroin has is halting the effects of experiences happiness or pleasure while sober. Heroin will create a chemical imbalance in the brain, where only more heroin will be able to activate positive feelings. This fuels the heroin addiction as well, as the brain will perceive more heroin intake as rewarding.

Treatment for Heroin

Heroin is among one of the most intense substances to recover from. Because heroin is fast-acting and builds tolerance very quickly, sometimes after one use of heroin, the brain will rewire itself and develop a receptor specifically for heroin. Returning the brain to normal through detox and treatment can be a very uncomfortable experience, but help is out there.

Detoxing outside of a treatment facility is not recommended when it comes to heroin. Heroin withdrawal’s effects on the body and mind can be dangerous, often compared to feeling like having influenza or a stomach virus. On the mental side, people can experience extreme anxiety and even panic attacks.

Both inpatient and outpatient treatments are viable for heroin withdraw, although supervision by a professional is highly recommended. Behavioral therapy along with medication and medication-based treatments will ensure the highest rate of success. Heroin withdraw is very unlikely to cause death, but its effects on the mind and body can cause you to act out in unsafe ways, so help should only be sought out from a professional.

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