Cocaine is a highly common party drug that drastically increases awareness and energy in those who ingest it. Those under the effects of cocaine also experience higher stimulation.

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Because cocaine increases stimuli and energy, those who use it often may develop cravings for it. After cocaine wears off, the opposite effects begin to kick in. Drowsiness, weakness, and lack of motivation are among some of these effects. Some people get addicted to cocaine by using it again to combat the negative effects that come afterwards. It will also build a tolerance, requiring more next time you want to feel the same rush. This can lead to addiction and even overdosing.

Cocaine leaves the body fast, but continued use of the substance will result in it staying much longer. While cocaine may leave fast, withdraw symptoms may stay around much longer. These effects come in the form of cravings, such as intense hunger and the need for more cocaine. Other withdraw effects such as anxiety, insomnia and fatigue are also present.

Treatment for Cocaine

Cocaine detox is relatively short, typically lasting about one week. However, the process is very unpleasant, and the amount of time it takes can lengthen exponentially depending on the user’s history with the substance.

Often times, those who abuse cocaine also abuse other substances as well, making addiction treatment for cocaine a bit more complicated compared to others. In most cases, those who enter treatment for cocaine have other issues as well, and not just restricted to substance abuse. Behavioral therapy as well as a multitude of treatments for other similar substances are used.

It is uncommon to abuse cocaine and nothing else. Detoxing from cocaine alone has not been proven fatal. However, cocaine perpetuates the effects of other harmful drugs, making it potentially fatal if one’s body has taken too much damage from other substances. Overall, cocaine treatment largely depends on the individual, and a medical professional will be able to determine the correct course of action.

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