Vicodin is composed of a combination of two key elements: hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Hydrocodone plays the role of an opioid, which is a type of pain-relieving medication. Acetaminophen is a substance with multiple uses, commonly found in a range of non-prescription cold remedies that are easily accessible at most drugstores. This combination brings together the pain-relieving effects of an opioid with the therapeutic benefits often associated with acetaminophen, offering relief to individuals who are managing pain and discomfort.

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Vicodin works by slowing down the central nervous system, which helps users tolerate pain better, much like other opioids do. As a combination drug, it can lead to extra side effects not typically seen with most opioids. These include common experiences like mood changes, trouble sleeping, and headaches. Additionally, feelings of dizziness, decreased motivation, and bodily discomfort may arise.

The initial signs of Vicodin dependency become evident when someone starts using it differently than intended. This involves taking more than the recommended amount, using it at inappropriate times, continuing its use after recovery, and using it solely to experience its sensations.

Treatment for Vicodin

Withdrawal from Vicodin can lead to troubles sleeping, loss of appetite, feeling restless, and having nausea and other fever-like symptoms. There’s a risk of liver damage too, because it has acetaminophen.

Common signs of stopping Vicodin can resemble having a fever. Some medicines can help counter the bad effects of stopping Vicodin, but they’re not often suggested as they can also cause dependency like opioids.

Therapies that work on behavior have shown to be very effective in treating opioid addictions, given how these drugs affect people. Opioids tend to make users feel good, and behavioral therapies can teach them to change this feeling.

The time needed for Vicodin detox varies, depending on how much it was used, lasting from a few days to months.

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